Czech national marrow donors registry


Dear colleagues, dear friends.

We are watching with sadness and indignation the current situation in Ukraine, which, as a result of the invasion of Russian troops, has fundamentally disrupted the functioning of all institutions, including health care.

We, as a registry of voluntary unrelated donors, an organization that aims to help save lives, are particularly concerned about the disruption of the unrelated bone marrow transplant program in Ukraine.

As we were informed by colleagues from the Ukrainian Registry, they had to cancel 8 transplants for children as a result of the war and other planned transplants are, of course, also apparently endangered or directly canceled.

Therefore, as a cooperating registry - a partner organization that must have the same goal of saving lives as all other registries in the world, we call on you and ask for the following:

Please use all possible means to put pressure on your government in order to stop the war against Ukraine and thus allow the return of normal life and the functioning of all institutions, including health care.

Thank you in advance!

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